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新品特价! New for SALES~ Samsung Premium Horse Oil 70g

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Limited Promotion!新品特价! New for SALES~ Samsung Premium Horse Oil 70g

高纯度!不油腻易吸收 绝世马油!


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There are many Horse Oil in the market but this is the 100% premium quality of Horse Oil.Importtant is ,after skin absrobation,you will feel not oily but moisture on skin.

 Jeju horse oil, Ceramide, Centella Asiatica, Shea butter, Bio protect
* Horse oil?
Fat ingredient extracted from Horse's fat tissue used in Asia from old times for burn or atopic dermatitis medicine.
Contains 'Ceramide' and 'Palmitoleic acid' as main ingredients good for
skin moisture&protection Regeneration&sunblock&antibacterial, well absorbed since it's similar to human sebum
and used as natural cosmetics ingredient without irritation.
▶ Product description
: Rich Jeju Horse oil and ceramide improve elasticity+tone up+skin density.
: Damaged skin care improving silky glowing skin.
: Horse oil similar to human lipid structure creates thin layer to prevent moisture loss for moisturizing.
: Well absorbed since similar to human lipid structure. 
: Limited sale celebrating selling in duty free shop.
▶ How to use
: Morning and night after face wash, at the last step of  basic care,

apply onto skin and roll with finger tips massaging face and neck for absorption